For the past few years, Ely has been growing and thriving, yet boasts the same small town vibe it had when I first moved here. But as Ely’s population increases, substantial new changes are coming to the area, many of which are welcomed with open arms by the community. One of the most exciting? The cultivation of small businesses.  


Ely is home to several established businesses already – three hairdressers, a chiropractor, and a post office. In the past few years, however, Ely has grown to include a creamery, a downtown boutique, and a new spa, all of which have been contributing to Ely’s character and spirit.


Ely residents have since been buzzing about the opening of a new coffee shop and bakery in town.


I visited the inside of “My Mom’s Bakery”, thanks to Sherri Gillick and Kevin Bahr, as well as the “Mom” for whom the store was named (Pat Bahr).


Both Gillick and Bahr previously worked at Whirlpool, but are now pursuing the development of their bakery. After some serious renovations, the inside of the shop looks wonderful – comfortable and inviting – which will surely complement the feeling one gets when indulging in one of their baked goods or sipping a hot cup of coffee.


The idea of going all in and starting a business from scratch would be a daunting task for anyone, but the staff at “My Mom’s Bakery” have handled it with grace and poise. Confidence in themselves, in Mom’s products, and the ability to learn as they go allowed for this dream to become a reality.


When asked about the major change transitioning from employee to business owner, they described the process as self-gratifying – creating something they could be proud of.


The owners have stressed the importance they place on putting out the best they possibly can – whether that be good service, coffee, products, or ingredients. Bahr says, “We researched and we wanted to get it right. We want to get it right.”


“I want them to put out a good product,” Mom says.


In doing so, they have made a commitment to doing things the right way. Part of that means keeping the shop small and personal. According to Bahr, “When you mass produce products, you lose something. And we’re not going to do that.”


“Everyone has a memory of someone who made kolaches from their past, from when they were younger. It’s a feeling you get,” Gillick adds.


In regards to when the bakery will be open, the three replied that they would start with having open hours every single day – so you can stop in for an espresso and a cookie any day of the week!


Gillick commented, “This is like a legacy; taking on what Mom started.” To which Mom proudly stated, “They have done great.”


For coffee lovers, this is going to be a new favorite hangout in Ely. The bakers are working with experienced baristas to provide customers with the best product they possibly can.


Bahr says, “We want to be busy… Because if you’re busy, you’re successful.” From the anticipated great customer service of the bakery, the newly renovated feel of the shop, and top quality products, this goal is sure to be attained.


With all of these great attributes, “My Mom’s Bakery” will fit right in with Ely’s loving and personal vibe as a small town.


Though this bakery is still in the works, it is sure to be worth the wait!


For more information, you can visit the “My Mom’s Bakery LLC” page on Facebook.  


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