The Swisher Fun Days are an annual festival hosted downtown in the small community of Swisher, Iowa. The Fun Days are open for locals and outsiders to come and enjoy all that Swisher has to offer.


Swisher Fun Days have been around as long anyone can remember. The date of the inaugural Fun Days was never recorded, but Sonya LaGrange, member of the Swisher Fun Days board of directors, said, the Fun Days have been going on since before she was born.


The Fun Days first began as a fundraiser for the Swisher Legion, an organization of veterans from Swisher. It began as a weekend fundraiser hosted on the patio of the Swisher Legion’s building, it grew to be Swisher’s largest festival and the Swisher Legion had hosted it until 2015.


“In 2015 they had put a notice out that they were thinking about canceling it, they didn’t have the help anymore to continue. That’s how we got involved, by seeing notices around town,” Sonya LaGrange said.


The Fun Days were a staple of the town. Just like the six o’clock dinner bell and how everyone waves, the Fun Days were a part of what made Swisher a tight knit community. Many didn’t want to see the Fun Days end. LaGRange commented, “I remember it from when I was a little kid and loved it and I wanted my kids to keep being able to partake in all of the events.”


After 2015 the Fun Days were taken over by a committee and a board of directors to organize the festivities. Like before, the committee planned the Fun Days in order to to bring the community together and show off the businesses.


Rebekah Neuendorf, fellow member of the board of directors, told why the Fun Days are so essential to the town. “It just kind of brings together the community feel. It gives everybody an opportunity at the same time, in the same area to come out and have fun. Maybe meet new people and experience the different businesses and organizations in town.”


Over the course of the years the festival has grown to where over the entire weekend an estimated two thousand or so people participate in the Fun Days. With such major growth of the event, in the next couple years the Fun Days will need quite a few more volunteers.


This year Swisher Fun Days will take place on Friday, July 27th and Saturday, July 28th. There will be food and drink, street games, a human foosball tournament, kiddie tractor pull, “one of the largest and best parades around,” according to LaGrange, a vendor market, petting zoo, inflatables, a bags tournament, and fireworks. Not to mention local entertainment like DJ J.Haunce, Twang Gang, Solemn Vow, and Crazy Delicious, all artists from around The Corridor.


More information on events can be found on the flyers around town and on the Swisher Fun Days website.


Like always, the Fun Days this year will serve to bring the community together. The Fun Days are special because of how it shapes the community feel in town.


Neuendorf said, “It kinda just, I think, accents and emphasizes what Swisher has. It gives people the opportunity to come downtown and really see what there is to offer. The businesses get involved and they sponsor and there’s food and drinks and fun for the kids. It’s just kind of a way to familiarize yourself more with the community you live in.”


Swisher Fun Days truly is a special event for the town. It helps bring people together and highlights the wonderful small town vibe while also providing recognition and helping to grow the local businesses.


As LaGrange said, “We want to see growth happen in Swisher, but we also want to keep that old town feel.” The Swisher Fun Days do just that.


Come out to the Swisher Fun Days this summer on July 27th and 28th and partake in all that Swisher has to offer!


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