The Cedar Rapids Kernels are a minor league baseball team and they play at the Veterans Memorial Stadium in Cedar Rapids Iowa.  The Kernels overall experience is different from other teams and The Kernels very own Director of Community Relations, Ryne George, explains it as, “super affordable compared to major league teams or going down to a college football game.”  George also goes on to say,”We pride ourselves on putting on the best show we possibly can while keeping it family friendly.”


The Kernels are a very community focused organization and they love to help the community out.  George says,”As an organization, giving back to Cedar Rapids and surrounding communities is one of our top priorities.”  The Kernels give back to the community through programs like the summer reading program which allows kids to get prizes for reading.


Two programs the Kernels started last year are called “home run for hunger” and “catch with a cop.”  Home run for hunger was a program that gathered produce from the farmers market to help feed people with food insecurities.  Catch with a cop helped to provide children with the opportunity to become friends with police officers. All of these programs help families and individuals within the community.  


The Kernels also bring their mascot Mr.Shucks to local events, schools and charities about a 100 times a year and the players themselves make about 40 appearances a year around the area.  The Kernels try to help and support people throughout the community year round and they are very happy to do so.


The family friendly aspect at the Kernel’s stadium is always going to be there and theme nights help to make the Kernels experience more family friendly.  Theme nights are usually weekly occurrences at the Kernels games and they all offer something different. George really gave his thoughts about the Kernels experience by saying,”Theme Nights are like a big party where fans can come meet characters from Star Wars or Rubble from Paw Patrol and it just so happens a baseball game is going on at the same time.”


Overall the Kernels experience is meant to be fun and family friendly and the Kernels themselves give back to the community often throughout the year.  For more information go to:



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