Tails A Waggin’ Pet Resort is a small business that cares for pets, small and large, while their parents are away at work or on vacation. Tails A Waggin’ runs just like a human hotel, but for dogs and cats! It is located on 41st Avenue in Cedar Rapids.


On July 3rd, 2018, Tails A Waggin’ will be hosting a community Fetch Off to see who the fastest pup is at the resort!


The Fetch Off began when Dani Weber, the supervisor at Tails A Waggin’, was curious to see who was the fastest “fetcher” at the resort.


Also, a lot of parents that send their cats and dogs to the resort enjoy seeing their pets participate in fun events such as the Fetch Off. Tails A Waggin’ has hosted a Puppy Pool Party, Cat Sun Naps, and multiple dress up days for various holidays.


Dani Weber has worked at Tails A Waggin’ for a few years. The Fetch Off is her creation and she believes that there are many benefits to the Fetch Off.


“It’s going to be a lot of fun because it’ll bring different pups to a different day at the resort so they can meet new dogs!” Dani said.


The Fetch Off is going to function similar to a bracket tournament.


Weber explained, “I’m going to have my partner hold two dogs by the collar and then count to three and let go of the dogs as I throw the ball and then whoever gets to the ball first wins the round. I also really want to videotape the rounds so that the parents are able to watch their pups on Facebook.”


The Fetch Off is a community event for pets of all ages, sizes, and breeds to get together and have fun! Tails A Waggin’ is excited to host this event and to find out who truly is the fastest fetcher!


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