The Kernels baseball games are a highly populated attraction in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with roughly 2,500 people attending each game during the summer. But a lot more goes into each game than what meets the eye.


The Kernels has an estimate of 125 people working for them in the concessions alone. And of those 125 employees, 75% are high schoolers or students in colleges. “It is a very good job for high schoolers and college kids,” said Addysen Wallingford, an assistant food and beverage manager.


But they are always looking for more workers and it is easy to get a job. “You can get a job in concessions at the Kernels by filling out an application and either mailing, faxing or handing it in in person,” Wallingford said.


And they keep receiving more.


There is also community volunteer work as well. Groups or organizations get a group of people together to go to the Kernels to help out with selling wristbands for people 21 and over, cleaning crews for after the games, and many others.


They get a set amount of money with how many people they bring with them and then that money goes right to their organization/group,” Wallingford explained.


The Kernels also helps the community out as well. Each year they give $2,000 in scholarships for deserving males and females.


They also have an organization called The Kernels Foundation. The Kernels Foundation is non-profit, and their goal is to make sure that the children of Eastern Iowa have the experiences of participating in sports.


In the 2017 year, they helped to raise $6,370 for sporting equipment, $19,000 for education, $12,750 for local athletic complex renovations, and $2,975 for outings to the ballpark for underprivileged kids. Rounding off to a total of $41,095 in total.


They also send out Mr. Shucks, the Kernels mascot, and multiple players from the team to meet with children at school, at the kid’s baseball games, and multiple other places.


These are only a few things that the Kernels do for our community, but in the end, it has a great impact.


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