Being a well-rounded, inclusive and active person is one of the most common traits of Prairie students. There are a great variety of options through Prairie for students to participate in before and after school such as many sports, student council, key club, and speech and drama and others.


However, some students even take this commitment to extracurriculars a step further! High school students are eager to begin participation in the workforce. According to a recent survey, 62% of students at Prairie are currently employed, 52.2% are participating in a school sport, 40.3% of Prairie students regularly volunteer and most of these students do all three!


Prairie is a very generous school due to the fact that the high school and younger schools offer a plethora of different activities for students to participate in. For example, an elementary school at Prairie has a running club, for young students to find a passion within running.


The benefits seen within additional effort put into activities outside of school is outstanding and students are seeing their work and dedication to these extracurriculars pay off within school hours.


One Prairie student said, “Volunteering is a great way to get out into the world and explore other perspectives and situations. It’s so beneficial to bring that back to my learning here at school. Cross country physically allows me to focus better in school, and I notice a big difference when I’m not in season. Music is a huge part of my life, and it makes me happy. Even though it’s hard to balance everything sometimes, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”


Having outside activities from the daily grind of school can be a stress reliever and can provide students with emotional, social, and physical tools to wield to become stronger and smarter students.


Additionally, starting a job is almost a significant rite of passage for teenagers. It is the shift from a teenager to a working young adult and students at Prairie are very engaged with work outside of school.


One student relished in the fact that they were able to make money for the first time. “I made BANK [a lot of money] this year. It was so nice to take Personal Finance, and then have this large source of income to put my learning to use. I bought a car with cash, and I have many savings funds.” Students are putting their learning from within Prairie and applying it to their lives outside of Prairie High School’s walls.


On the other hand, there are some downfalls to being so involved in different clubs, sports and keeping down a job.


A Prairie student admitted, “It is much harder to get my work done. I will be at track meets two times a week which gives me no time to do homework. I love doing sports, but it is an extra challenge that takes a lot of time.”


During high school, students can feel pulled in a million different directions and it can be difficult to stay afloat. However, the outside activities that students participate in give them the tools to not only keep their heads above the water, but to swim gracefully.


Even with the difficulties with time constraints and stress of homework, students at Prairie take pride in their extracurriculars.


Obviously, Prairie must be doing something right with the variety of activities offered to their students because next year, 85.3% of students say that they will be participating in these rigorous challenges again.


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