As the final weeks of school roll around, students across the high school are hurrying to catch up on missing work or work they feel needs to be revised. As well as the work assigned to them during these last few days.


The majority of students, 68.3% to be exact, are passing their classes with mostly A’s. On the other end of the spectrum, 14.7% of surveyed students said they were failing, or very close to failing, some of their classes.


With the limited number of days left in the 2017-2018 school year, time is running out for students of all grade points alike to finish their work to the best of their ability.


96.1% of students felt that they were given quite a bit or a lot of work, ranging from homework, tests, or projects. 88.4% of students said that the amount of work given to them was causing them a fair amount of stress.


While some may be stressing more than others, 88.4% students (among all grade levels and all over the grading scale) are becoming increasingly stressed as the number of days continues to grow less and less.


Not only are students stressed about the work they are being given, many students feel as if they are starting to or have fallen behind because of how much they are expected to do at once.


73.6% of students feel like the amount of work given to them plus the amount of previous work that is needed to be redone is making them feel as if they can’t keep up with what they are given. Of those students, only 73% are truly confident that they will catch up in time. Those students make up the majority, but there are still too many students that feel like there’s too much to do in so little time.


For the students that are stressed and feel as if they will never finish in time, do not worry. There is still enough time that can be devoted to making sure that you succeed this year.


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