The Champions League is close to concluding with the final match on Saturday May 26th between Liverpool and Real Madrid.  Both teams involved had to scratch and claw to get to where they are, both teams had to defeat 3 other teams in 2 game series to get to this point and both teams want to win badly otherwise all the effort will be for nothing.


The way games work in the Champions League round of 16 and all the way up until the final, is a two leg series, one game at each teams home stadium, goals carry over to the 2nd leg and whoever has more goals overall after the two games is the winner and advances.  To settle ties they use away goal count to break ties, say a team has 2 away goals and the other has 1 and are tied 2-2 at the end of game 2 the team with more away goals advances.


With the final game approaching a lot of great teams and underdogs were sent out of the tournament several months ago.  Looking back at the beginning of the knockout stage/round of 16 there were several great match ups as well as a few blowouts.  Starting the games off Manchester City pummeled FC Basel 4-0 in the opening contest followed by a scoreline of 2-1 the following game in favor of FC Basel(5-2 ovr.).


The other results are after the complete two leg/game series.  Real Madrid beat PSG 5-2 on aggregate, Juventus beat the Tottenham Spurs 4-3 on aggregate, Liverpool beat FC Porto 5-0 on aggregate, FC Barcelona beat Chelsea 4-1 on aggregate, FC Bayern beat Besiktas 8-1 on aggregate, Sevilla beat Manchester United 2-1 on aggregate and AS Roma beat Shakhtar Donetsk 2-2 on aggregate by away goals.  


The Quarter Finals had some great action and a shocking comeback.  The first series saw FC Bayern dispatch of Sevilla 2-1 on aggregate, followed by Liverpool dismantling eventual Premier League winners Manchester City 5-1, Real Madrid won a close series against Juventus 4-3 on aggregate and the shocking comeback saw AS Roma beat FC Barcelona 4-4 aggregate on away goals, Roma scored won 3-0 in the second leg completing the comeback.  


The Semi Finals saw 2 close series of games with the remaining four teams.  The first result was a goal heavy series with Liverpool coming out on top 7-6 on aggregate and the last series to determine the finals saw Real Madrid beat FC Bayern 4-3 on aggregate.  With these results final Real Madrid will go up against Liverpool on May 26th at 1:45 pm Central Time.
For more information and a more in depth look at each matchup go to .


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