Prairie High School– As the end of the year approaches, the high school is working to develop new parking situations for the following year. With this in mind, students speak their opinions as to whether or not parking tickets are effective and the problems our school faces with parking via mass survey.


At the high school, you must follow the regulations of parking, or else you may be given a ticket. Some of the rules include parking in the grade-level parking lot, whether or not you have your tag and refraining from teachers spots.


With the new construction and limited sophomore parking, the whole school has found themselves upset and frustrated with the hassle of the situation and sophomores with having to walk from Prairie Creek.


We can find ourselves wondering, if students are parking where they shouldn’t be, are tickets really the most effective solution?


An anonymous student quote says that “Parking tickets are a temporary solution to a bigger problem. We need more parking spaces.” Students speak out that they are frustrated with the school handing out more passes than spots available.


Most students responded that parking tickets are not the way to go because they aren’t going to pay them. One student even reported “I don’t care how many tickets I get. I will still park in the closest spot I can get. I will not drive around the parking lot for 5 minutes just to find a parking spot and make me late for class.”


It was also found that 54% of students gave the feedback that as far as tickets go, they still haven’t paid them and they aren’t planning on doing so.


When proposed the question of possible solutions, students answered a variety of proposals. One of these read, “We could count out how many teachers actually park in the back, then find out which class is the greatest and which is the smallest to decide on which lot they park in.”


This idea can enable fairness in terms of which grade should park in which lot and could potentially ease the stress of parking. For example, if there are 200 driving seniors and 250 driving juniors, the juniors could receive the larger parking lot.


Students also talk about getting rid of passes for good, decreasing “visitors” spots, establishing disciplinary actions like a withdrawal of a parking pass based on grades, constructing another lot, and more.


In the survey, 4/71 students reported that they think parking tickets are an effective way to reduce this issue. With the constant expansion of the district, we may work to develop a change in the parking situation at Prairie High School.


What do you think?

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