At Prairie, there have been many conversations and announcements over the topic of feeling safe and secure at this school because of incidents within the community or throughout the country.

The administration and faculty have worked to make it so the school and campus are safe here at Prairie. For example, having drills and having to use a pass to get into the school are both ways to make the school safer.

The real question is.. Do the students actually feel safe?

In a recent survey sent out to students in the Prairie community, there had been a lot of interesting feedback taken in.

Over half of the 74 students (around 52.7%) that had taken the survey said they feel safe at school, but on the next question, 68.9% of the students that took the survey answered that there have been times they felt unsafe at school. So, even though they might feel safe overall, there still have been times where they have felt unsafe.

When asking students if the steps taken at Prairie seemed to be effective, only about 55% of them said that they felt safe with the accommodations and steps taken for safety.

Many people think of safety as locked doors, but safety isn’t just about intruder drills and finding somewhere to go if a shooter were to be in the building, it’s also about being comfortable with teachers. If a student needs help, they should be able to talk to a counselor or teacher at school.

When asked in the survey why they felt safe or why they did not feel safe, a student replied with, “I have gone to the counselor about problems and feelings of suicide and asked for help and although he said he would get back to me, he never did and nothing was done.”

That obviously doesn’t make one feel safe, it makes them feel neglected and as if people in this school don’t care about them as much as they thought everyone did, if they ever thought so at all.

Students were asked to give some ways in which they felt would make the school feel safer. Below are some of their responses:

“Do better background checks on teachers and give kids surveys or outlets to give their opinions on the teachers.”

“Act more upon reported cases and constantly roaming the halls.”

“Put more surveillance at every door to the school, especially the PAT doors. I know a lot of people who have been able to get into the school, students or not, by having someone let them in.”

“Better support for those with mental illness.”

Now, these are just some of the ideas students put out there. Maybe taking students feelings into consideration would be a first step to help them feel safer considering everyone knows what is best for themselves.

Students are the people of Prairie. Their ideas are important and should be heard. Take care of yourself, take care of each other and take care of Prairie, right? Taking each other’s ideas into consideration can help us take better care of our school as a whole.

If you have any ideas, put them out there. Feel free to share your ideas and put them forward. It all starts with you. The school is doing the best they can, but everyone always has the opportunity to do better.



What do you think?

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