Every summer, Prairie High School offers an opportunity for athletes, coaches, and parents to come and learn about what it takes to be a true athlete. Rob Miller, a coach, and speaker of the Proactive Coaching seminar will visit June 20th and June 21st of this year.

Rob Miller has been a full-time speaker for 11 years and has spoken with these topics for 16 years. He has traveled to 49 states to speak, as well as Canada, Singapore, and Vietnam. He targets his speech towards athletes, coaches, and parents. He presents all with a slightly different message, in order to have them receive what is right for them.

When asked what inspired him to do this Miller tells, “I am a coach and I found this as a way to reach a lot of people and teams. I am very blessed to play on great teams (great teams reach potential) but many people have never experienced that–I love it when I can help others reach that.”

Miller states his seminar is about, “an intentional process so that teams can understand that leadership and commitment really mean. In that process, our goal is to have teams and individuals reach full potential.”

The seminar is given to show that choices, not talent impact potential, how to lead beyond the title of the leader, how coaches can teach relationships and character, and what the role of the parent is in the process of making an athlete.

There are even team bonding activities that Miller tells, “during our leader workshops, they will have numerous breakouts to take the word and put them into action statements.”

It is extremely important that athletes from Prairie are coming out to experience Miller’s seminar. It allows for a team bonding experience and a way to become motivated to achieve success in your athletic career, and all other aspects of life.

Miller hopes that what everyone takes away from his Proactive Coaching seminar is this, “understand that they can do this– they can have any team they are on reach full potential and walk away with no regrets from the experience.”

In athletics, you have to be focused, dedicated, hard-working, a team player in order to help reach the team’s full potential. Miller helps to ensure that through the Proactive Coaching seminar.

Miller says his purpose of doing this is to, “give back to the great coaches, teammates and my parents, those who made me apart of great teams.”

Prairie is beyond lucky to have the privilege of Rob Miller coming to speak to our athletes. Through his seminar, we can learn about how to be a true athlete and teammate. Visit Prairie this summer on June 20th and June 21st for speeches and team-bonding activities.




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