With the upcoming summer then the next school year, it’s time for upcoming college freshmen to think about college and, more importantly, dorm rooms.


At Ole Miss, two girls decided that they didn’t want the dreary, old, dorm rooms like they come. So they set out on a budget and designed their dream dorm room.


And after they went viral, interior design companies took the idea and made it apart of their businesses. And now people all over the country have decked out dorm rooms that make them feel at home away from home.


Many seniors at Prairie High School have decided that they are going to be decorating their dorm rooms, whether it be posters on their walls, color-coordinated bedspreads, or just anything to make it feel cozy.


They believe that it will help them throughout their school years at college, to help them in their classes and not get homesick.


And for the seniors of Prairie High School, the need is there as well. “Yes. It is home while I’m away from home. Making it fit my personal needs and necessities is important. It’s also important to my roommate,” said Hanna Roltgen, a Prairie senior, about making her dorm room feel at home.


But some have other thoughts about their dorm rooms, “I’m rooming with Zack, and it’s the people that make a house a home. Decoration is just aesthetic,” Mason Zastrow said about his roommate and their dorm room.


But whether it’s to make their dorm room look cool, or to help them feel at home away from home, making a dorm room feel cozy is important to many people.


What do you think?

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