Many people don’t realize or understand the effect their decisions can have on not only themselves, but others as well. For teens, experimentation seems to be very common as a teenager for people to just have some fun…

Teenagers from all over enjoy having a good time and there are plenty of ways to do so. Many people involved with drugs and alcohol might not understand the aftermath which includes slow down in the brain that can lead to many defects. Even though use at a younger age can increase the risk of addiction, it’s a matter of, “my friends are doing this, so why not?”

Having a good time with friends doesn’t always have to involve drugs or alcohol.

Surprisingly, approximately 50% of teens have misused drugs at least once in their life already.. That’s half of the world’s population of teens in only the first 19 years of their life.

There are so many different incidents from the use of drugs and alcohol. According to ABC News, a young girl at the age of 14 died at her own sleepover after mixing a drink with alcohol on a Saturday night for her birthday. Imagine if that was a close family member or friend. Things would never be the same without them, but there are incidents alike this one that happen often.

Not only do these decision affect teens, but they also affect adults. A grandfather, Larry Langton, a 60 year old man explained exactly why he has never drank a day in his life. He said, “when I was growing up, there were many people I knew that drank. Aunts, uncles, my parents and friends. When they drank, some got stupid, some got violent, some past out and didn’t remember why, and some got hurt in accidents. That’s why I don’t drink.”

The effect peers or the leaders in life have is tremendous, so oftentimes the decision that people make are due to the people they are around or the way they grew up.

People are always trying to make sure those close to them are safe. In a recent email sent by the Prairie High School principal, he had explained to be safe even if drugs or alcohol were involved on prom night. Even if a choice is made to be involved with drugs and alcohol, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are plenty of ways to stay away from them or be safe while using them. If it gets to the point where someone close to you or someone needs help, get them help. Detoxification and rehabilitation are two major ways of getting better in a time of alcohol or drug abuse.


Below are two different hotlines listed to help if needed:

Alcohol Abuse Hotline- 1-877-813-5721

Drug Abuse Hotline- 1-877-751-1806


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