Key Club is one of the most involved clubs here at Prairie. Members volunteer their time to people and organizations in the community to better the lives of others.


With the year coming to a close, this student-led club had to look for a new group of officers to lead the student volunteers in the coming school year.


At the last meeting, Key Club members interested in an officer position had an opportunity to give a short speech explaining to all of the members as to why they are deserving of an officer role.


Key Club members voted and next year’s officers were revealed…

President – Shelby Dubishar

Vice President – Mari Dawley

Secretary/Treasurer – Alexa Barns

Editor – Britney Nguyen


Mari Dawley, Key Club’s newly elected Vice President, explains why she ran for an officer position. “I have a passion for helping others and that’s what Key Club is all about. And improving the lives of others through giving your time is what I’m passionate about.”


Dawley is replacing former Key Club vice president, Beth Uthoff, who also was the leader of the THIRST project here at school. Dawley has big shoes to fill but she sat down with Uthoff to get some insight on her tasks next year.


“Basically, I will be in charge of all the meeting presentations,” explains Dawley, “and anytime a speaker comes during one of the meetings, I will hand write the thank you notes.”


The new group of leaders had their first meeting this past week and discussed this past school year and a few ideas for the next school year as well.


“We talked a little bit about class representatives and if we want to have them or not,” recalls Dawley. She explains that class representatives are officer-elected Key Club members from each grade that would play a role helping with Key Club if the officers ever needed that extra support.


Dawley has big dreams for Key Club. She and the other officers hope to bring more events to Key Club and host more drives/fundraisers for organizations in our community in addition to making our school’s Key Club more interactive on a district level.


Shelby Dubishar, next year’s Key Club President, says, “A big idea I have for next year is to connect with the other clubs in our school, and community to bring attention to larger projects in our area.” Shelby joined Key Club as a sophomore and always looked forward to volunteering in events. Since then, she has grown as a person and as a community member, as have many other Key Club members.


“We’ve done really well in Key Club,” says Mari Dawley, “But I think we can do more.”
Those interested in joining Key Club can click here to find out more information and to be apart of this amazing organization, come to the first Key Club meeting which will be held sometime at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year!  


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