Prairie High School– Student Council is a club where students come together and help with different tasks and work to make a change in our school. They work to put on various events and create programs to benefit the district as a whole.


Currently, the council is open to anybody that wants to join, with the exception that they complete a certain number of tasks before homecoming and attend the meetings.


The council has made the decision to change a few things for the coming years. Liv Nurre, president of Student Council, shares her insight into the changes that are to come with this club.


Nurre says that next year to be in the club, “you must fill out an interest form that you want to run, and then you run.” She explains the process by saying that you have to go through the process of being voted by the council, the class and the executive board.


This year, there were roughly 80 participants in Student Council. Nurre says that “Next year there will be about 40-45 members that are voted in because it is easier to run a council and be more effective than the student body when there are fewer people.”


The plan for the 2018-2019 school year, is to have 5 executive board members and then about 10 representatives for each grade. In the 10 per grade, there will be 4 officers per grade including the President, Vice President, First Chair and Second Chair.


When voted in, the student council members vote counts as 2 and the students of the class count for 1. This is meant to keep the council from a “popularity contest.” Those in the council have more of a vote because they can advocate for the individuals work ethic and understand how they partake in the club.


Nurre adds that the council has noticed a change in number of people showing up to meetings and that this change will help implement tasks for those committed.


This change was inspired by Bendorff when schools got together at the Fall Leadership Conference this past year and shared how their student council functions. Nurre said that “the idea was adapted and fit to our style with the administration and school.”


She advises “my hope is to get all of those big ideas that everyone wants and hopes for and actually bring those to life.”


With a smaller number of people, the council can delegate tasks and better manage the committees to put forth those plans that students would like to see occur.


Although there are less people in the council, they still welcome ideas that individuals think the school can benefit from. Nurre said that “people are able to come to student council to talk about anything they want to see added to the school.”


Though next years members were already elected, students can still come with their ideas for the high school, surrounding schools and district.


With the changes made for the following school year, Stuco hopes to see a wide range of changes in work ethic of the council and overall organization and production.


What do you think?

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