Swisher is a small town founded in 1841. Since then, it has grown to a population of around 900 people. Every summer for the past 50 years, Swisher has hosted their very own Swisher Fun Days events, where the town comes together to soak in the summer sun, and have lots of fun.


This year, Swisher Fun Days will begin Friday, July 27th and go until Saturday, July 28th. It will begin at 4:00 PM on Friday night, and 8:00 AM Saturday morning.


They hold events such as Human Foosball Tournament, bags tournament, Fun Days parade and a vendor’s marker. There is even stuff for kids like a tractor pull, photo contest, a petting zoo, inflatables, and they even finish the night off with fireworks at the park!


Throughout the days there will be a DJ playing, and a Street Dance with live music from Solemn Vow. Food and drink tents will be set up, and you can even visit the local restaurants like Kava House Cafe, The Swisher Legion, the park concession stand and Black Squirrel Bar and Grill.


At the park on Saturday, there will be an adult league baseball tournament, where anyone come and watch. You must have a team previously set up for all the tournaments taking place that day.


Patty Herman, a director, and supporter of Swisher Fun Days tells, “Swisher Fun Days is truly an event for anyone. Kids and adults can come together to enjoy the summer weather and the town.” Another benefit is, you do not have to live in Swisher to attend. Many people from surrounding cities and towns come out as well.


Throughout the years, the team of Swisher Fun Days has wavered back and forth between whether or not they should have these events. Herman states, “it is important that we have large audiences of people coming out.”


It is crucial to support small towns through events such as Swisher Fun Days in order to ensure they can continue to happen for generations. Herman says, “we work hard each year to come up with new games and events so we are able to keep putting on Swisher Fun Days for the town.”


She then continues to say, “Swisher Fun Days memories are some of my favorite memories. They are just two days that really brings the whole town together.”


Herman asks for everyone to, “come out just to have fun, or sign up to help with the events and games. We always are looking for more volunteers.”


If you are looking for something fun to do this summer, be sure to visit Swisher Fun Days to enjoys games, activities and good food.



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