With 5 weeks left of the school year, students are excitedly awaiting the final bell that dismisses them for their summer break. With two and a half months of an uninterrupted break of school, students must have something to do to pass the time.


87% of students will be spending a majority of their time with friends or family. Other students will be working, going on vacation, being active with sports, or participating in school activities.


So when students aren’t sleeping in everyday, what do they typically enjoy doing?


An astounding 70% of students said they enjoy spending their time doing outdoor activities such as boating, hiking, or swimming, and those 70% only include the people who submitted spending time outside as an answer.


While summer is a nice break away from school, not everyone has the opportunity to dodge it all summer. Many students will be finding themselves coming back for one activity or another.


Summer P.E., driver’s ed, music camps, training for sports, and even an occasional class will be part of some students’ summer schedule.


Even students who will not be physically attending the school over their break, will be involved in preparing for their next year of schooling. For some, this may include getting settled into their new college life, others excitedly awaiting their final year of high school, officially starting at the high school building, or just becoming one year closer to graduating.


Many students are beginning to prepare for the next school year by training for their respective sports, while others focus more on the academic aspects by studying for tests like the ACT.


The majority of students, however, will be relaxing. 51% of students said they didn’t want to do anything related to school during the summer since they had 9 months of it during the school year. Students, through all grades, find that school stresses them out and they need a long summer break to unwind and gather themselves for the year ahead.


Either way, all students will eventually have to start thinking about school as the new year rolls closer with each passing day.


Here’s to a great end of the school year and an even more fantastic summer!



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