Senior presentations happen once a year, but to the seniors at Prairie High School, it seems like a lifetime in the making.


Senior presentations are required for all students to graduate, but what is the real reason behind them? Many seniors believe it’s for you to be able to look back and reflect on your high school career.


Dan Arnold, a Prairie senior, says that the senior presentation is “to show how I have developed at Prairie, and to Tell a Story about how you developed.”


Many things go into the making and preparation of the presentations. Students are also required to make a sophomore presentation and a junior presentation their first 2 years of high school, but they aren’t on a greater level as the senior presentation.


Your whole high school career, 10th grade through 12th grade, are taken into consideration when making the presentation. You have to pull your greatest accomplishments from all three years.


After your senior presentation is created comes the preparation for actually giving the presentations. Seniors have known about the presentation since they were younger, hearing talk from older siblings or friends who have older brothers and sisters getting ready for it themselves.


But they have officially started working on it their sophomore year of high school when they started their sophomore presentations. And have been given most homerooms since the beginning of their senior year to work on it.


But after all the work to make it and prep to give it, seniors get to actually present them. They are able to invite anyone they want to be there, to their presentations. But it’s not just about giving it, it’s about what it shows to who comes, that matters.


Another senior, Emma Rubsam, at Prairie high school says that her friends and family “being able to see the work I did throughout high school,” is the best part of giving the presentation.


“I’m most excited to share each of my projects that I completed throughout my 2 years at prairie,” is what Sydney Bayless, says about what she is personally is excited to put in her presentation.


And with the presentations coming to the end many seniors having lasting words they want to leave with the future generations of Prairie seniors. Brylee Yirkovsky wanted to leave with future seniors that “even though you will be tired and exhausted at the end of senior year, work hard on this. It’s something that you will remember forever!”


And after all this hard work it’s still not time to relax. With only roughly 2 weeks until finals seniors can’t catch a break. After the presentations, they get to start cramming to pass their finals and sail into the beautiful graduation sunset.


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