Sophia Perez is a current Sophomore here at Prairie. She is involved in many activities and advanced courses.


Perez opens up about her life in the past and her life at Prairie High School.


Q: Where were you born?


A: I was born in Peoria, Illinois. It’s kind of in the center of Illinois, and for those of you that don’t know, Illinois is right by Iowa.


Q: So you grew up there-When did you leave?


A: I left Illinois the summer before 8th grade. I moved to Iowa because my mom got a job here at Prairie. She is a board-certified behavior analyst. Now she works at Cedar Rapids School District, but we moved here because she had lots of job opportunities.


Q: What is your family like?


A: I have three brothers, I am the only girl, which a lot of people ask me what that’s like. I always would play with Legos, or Bionicles, or video games. That was what I was into. My brothers and I never argued or anything, but we would always play fight and tackle each other…  and play football. It’s almost exactly what you would think a group of boys would be like, except, you know, with me.


Q: What are your favorite hobbies?


A: I love to read. Lately, I’ve been reading lots of textbooks for classes which has been great. Note that I said this in a very sarcastic manner. I really like reading classical literature. I also like to workout and exercise. I like to cook and bake. One of the best things that I make is a cookies and cream cake. It’s pretty magical. It has Oreos in it. It’s awesome.


Q: So a lot of people know about you because you are so smart, which is awesome! How many AP classes are you in?


A: I’m in three AP classes this year, and next year I’m taking five.


Q: Have you always excelled in your classes? Have you always just done a good job in school?


A: I guess, school for me has always been easy… learning for me is pretty easy. I process information pretty quickly. I always get so embarrassed and flustered when people ask me about how smart I am. I like to stay humble and I would hate to brag in any sort of way. But yeah, I process information pretty quickly so I wanted to look for ways to challenge myself in the classroom.


Q: Do you think your AP classes are challenging you?


A: I think some are. I would say AP World History is not the easiest class I’ve ever taken. I actually have homework in that class, I have essays. I actually haven’t read any chapters of that textbook, but I’m doing fine. Don’t tell Mr. Goodale that. Oh, and don’t tell Mr. Meyer that I haven’t opened my AP Biology textbook ever. That wouldn’t be a good idea.


Q: What was the process of getting into AP Lang and AP Bio since it’s technically only supposed to be offered to Juniors?


A: All I will say is that I advocated for my learning and I advocated for myself.


Q: Being somewhat ahead of other students in your grade I guess, how does that feel?


A: I think one misconception about people that are, I guess, advanced or ‘ahead’ in classes is that school and life are so easy, and that’s not the case. I still have to work hard in what I do. I think one of the hardest things has been people being mean to me because of how smart I am, and people just making comments in class. Like, if I participate multiple times in a row, or I always have my hand up. I’ve had people say mean things to me and that has always been pretty hard. I just, I know there are certain reasons that people act the way they do, and I kind of move past it, and don’t let it affect me or my performance in school.


Q: Do certain comments about your placement in classes bother you?


A: I always get embarrassed. I think sometimes it does bother me when it happens all the time. I guess throughout the day if there’s a culmination of people saying things or people talking behind my back when they don’t think I can hear or something. I guess after a while I kind of get tired of it. But, I do appreciate it when people are encouraging, but when they say things about me being ahead and stuff like that in order to be mean to me or saying things that are detrimental that affects me negatively.


Q: What has been the biggest struggle for you?


A: I think one thing is I’ve been bullied a lot like I talked about. People saying mean things, or people excluding me, or saying, ‘Oh, you don’t want to be friends with me because I’m not as smart as you,’ Just like, I’ve had people be mean to me a lot, and it’s sad because I just wish people could accept each other’s differences and strengths and weaknesses. I know there’s always going to be someone smarter than me, someone who is stronger. There is always going to be someone better than you in some way, and I think we all need to accept our strengths and accept our weaknesses.


Q: Closing words?
A: Anyone who wants me to look over their papers, I’ll do it for free. My email is:, my twitter is: @sophiaperez, and my Instagram is: @sophiaperez1019


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