Jolynn Swartzendruber is undoubtedly an amazing teacher and person.  She is just one of the many staff members PHS is blessed to have. Last week she announced that 2018 would be her last year of teaching. Although this resignation is not an easy pill for anyone to swallow, the community of PHS supports Mrs. Swartzendruber fully and wholeheartedly.  



Mrs. Swartzendruber has contributed to the Prairie community since 2004.  Some of her roles include teaching English 10, English 11, the elective Speech & Drama, and previously being the Speech & Drama Director here at PHS for a number of years.



According to Swartzendruber, “My resignation was a very, very, tough decision. The last couple of years I have had some different health struggles.  Looking at the ages of my kids and just wanting to be the best I can for the kids I serve and for my own family, I felt that I needed to take a look at scaling my responsibilities down.  That is pretty much what it came to.”



Swartzendruber currently does not have a specific career that she wants to pursue next. She is on the lookout, though.



Grace Estenson comments on what she will miss most about Mrs. Swartzendruber, ‘“I will miss how she makes everyone feel very comfortable in her class.  She just makes it easy. I don’t get stressed or worried about her class. I look forward to her class everyday because I know everyday I go in there she will guide the class through the work and explain stuff and help anyone who needs it.”



When asked her favorite memory from teaching Mrs. Swartzendruber couldn’t decide. She said, “There is so many. My favorite memories stem from the interactions with my students over the years.  I always share with students that I think often times I’m the one who learns more from them then they might learn from me.”



It is very evident that Mrs. Swartzendruber has made a lasting positive effect on Prairie High School.  She plans to continue to be very active in our community as she has two sons still in school.



As Swartzendruber always says, “If we can instead of tearing each other down, work to build each other up in what we say, and how we act, then I have to believe the situation, the community, and the outcome will be better.”



From everyone at PHS, we wish you the best in your future endeavors, Mrs. Swartzendruber!




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