From flip phones to high tech automobiles, technology is used in some form throughout most people’s lives. Today, computers, phones, tablets, and even household utilities are all revolved around technology. Technology is quite literally, life.

Around 71% of people age 3 and older use the internet in some form. At three years old, children are going online and most of the time they are watching youtube videos.

Teenagers of this time more than often care about getting a new phone or what new video game they’re going to buy next. Meanwhile, not too many years ago, teenagers had thought about who they were going to meet up with at the park that day or how many hours they could be outside.

People might use technology a lot more at this time than they did before, but technology isn’t always a bad thing.

Technology can be used for many different aspects including calling a loved one who lives far away to help keep in touch with them or having a tracker on a phone to let people know where to go or find someone in need of an emergency.

Not only are there phones, tablets and computers used that are a form of technology, but there are trains, cars, and even watches based off of technology.

Life without technology would be unimaginable for many people, but taking some time to spend with family is also a good thing instead of being on a phone most of the time.

For parents and children, the use of technology is very different considering parents are the ones who most of the time want to spend time with their children because of their amount of time spent on a phone or game console.

For example, a young 9 year old boy was asked how often he spends time playing videos games and his response was, “About 80%, most of the time I play fortnite.” His mother replied with, “You need to go play outside more often.”

Parents enjoy spending time with their children, so they wish their children would spend more time with them instead of playing on their phone or game console, especially at 9 years old.

Spending time with family is of importance because one day, they won’t be here anymore. Value that time.



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