Sometimes the brightest students are the ones who abruptly struggle the most. You know that they know the materials; they just seem to give up and take absolutely no interest.

Many students struggle because they are not being challenged enough; they are completely bored and tired of doing normal things that they already know how to do. They come up with games in class to improve their learning and sometimes watch movies on the particular topics–teachers offer these options to help students better understand the material.

Students have been striving to get their work done on time and they always come up with a reason to create more time to make up their work. It is possible that there are some students who need some special aid and extra time.

It is always a pleasure to see a student do well in school but know that behind every good grade there are some challenges that the students have to overcome in order to maintain a good grade.

As I conducted interviews at my school, many students affirmed that the Success Center and library are the most effective places that they visit to seek help. The concept of having special hours like enrichment in school is very effective for high school students to have one on one learning with teachers.

Without a doubt, many students have regrets, things they wish they could go back and do differently. But they fail to see how everyone could go through high school, much less high school and college, and come out stronger without making mistakes along the way.

Mistakes are what define each person, the challenge of learning from those mistakes is the foundation on which you grow and enhance understanding.



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