The Prairie High Review is a platform for students to publish their creative work and get the recognition they deserve.


Passionate writer, Megan Fear, developed this website as a means to give her fellow high school students the access to resources and a safe place to display and share their work.


“A huge issue with artists in Prairie is that they don’t get the recognition that they deserve and they, often times, will hold themselves back because they don’t think the things that they are doing matter,” admits Megan Fear, “The Prairie High Review is trying to show that anyone who has the bravery to express themselves in writing or art deserves to be appreciated and recognized.”


The student-led project is encouraging submissions from anyone and everyone, no matter the skill level or content. Constructive feedback will always be provided whether the piece gets published or not, and the author can choose to remain anonymous if they wish.


“We usually provide constructive feedback for every submission we get even if we don’t publish it,” explains Fear, “We just want to encourage one’s career as an artist.”


The website accepts submissions of creative writing, poetry, photography, and art and the submission process is super simple. The website also has a page dedicated to resources that can help any aspiring artist or writer improve their work.


The Prairie High Review hopes to eventually expand its community to one that includes other local schools such as those in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, but for now, the goal is to pick up some momentum in Prairie. The team recently put up posters around the school that have information about the site on them in order to spread the word about the art and writing platform.


“Keep writing. Keep making art. And keep being passionate about it, even if you don’t get the validation you deserve,” says Fear, “That’s what the Prairie High Review is for- to show that everyone has potential and deserves to be recognized.”  
Everybody has a voice. If you would like to share yours, submit a piece or view published work here!


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