With the recent football schedules released, Cedar Rapids Prairie’s schedule has familiar faces appearing upon it.  With the likes of every Cedar Rapids 4A high school making an appearance (Cedar Rapids Washington, Cedar Rapids Jefferson, and Cedar Rapids Kennedy).


Though there is a revenge factor within this schedule, Cedar Falls. The team that bounced Prairie out of the playoffs last year. You can count on it being a revenge tour for the Hawks. I’ve spoken to several players amongst the Prairie Varsity team, several stating “this is the matchup we want. To get the opportunity to prove that we are better than them, it’s what we want.”


What’s also interesting about Prairie’s schedule is that, the Hawks will be with cedar Rapids for 8 of their 9 games, with the only out of town game being the Dubuque Hempstead game. The seniors on team have made it known that they’re happy about the locations of the games for their final season, as well as their parents.


Prairie is placed within District 3 along with Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids Jefferson, Dubuque Hempstead, Dubuque Senior, and Waterloo West. Though districts doesn’t matter as much due to the new playoff format, explained in this article. https://hawktalkphs.com/2018/02/02/prairie-football-strength-in-schedule/  


The entire schedule matters immensely due to the new RPI (Ratings Percentage Index) playoff format. With the formula (.375 x WP(Winning Percentage)) + (.375 x OWP (Opponents Winning Percentage)) + (.25 x OOWP (Opponents Opponents Winning Percentage)) every game this season counts.


-Prairie’s RPI from the 2017 season (without OOWP, that’s 63 other games, that number doesn’t work on a Texas Instrument TI-84 plus) Prairie’s winning percentage being an 88, with opponents winning percentage around the .500 mark, that alone is good enough for a playoff spot.


It’ll be an exciting year for the Prairie Football team, and for Iowa football in general.


Prairie’s complete 2018 schedule is as follows

08/23 @Cedar Rapids, Washington
08/31 Pleasant Valley
09/07 Waukee
09/13 @Cedar Rapids, Kennedy
09/21 Dubuque, Senior
09/28 @Dubuque, Hempstead
10/05 @Cedar Rapids, Jefferson
10/12 Waterloo, West
10/19 Cedar Falls

Prairie’s Complete 2019 schedule is as follows

08/30 Cedar Rapids, Washington
09/06 @Pleasant Valley
09/13 @Waukee
09/20 Cedar Rapids, Kennedy
09/27 @Dubuque, Senior
10/04 Dubuque, Hempstead
10/11 Cedar Rapids, Jefferson
10/18 @Waterloo, West
10/25 @Cedar Falls


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