Grade sixth was probably my hardest year of all since I started school. Sixth grade is when I found out that kids can be really mean and cruel. So let me give you a brief summary when I came to the United States and how I started attending school.

I came to the United States when I was 12 years of age in 2013 and I was coming from Africa in a country called Kenya and in the town of Nairobi. In Kenya, I had tons of friends in school and out of school but the time came when I had to leave all those friends and come here in America.

Once we got here in America it did nothing but welcome me and my family. August fifth I remember the date exactly in my head like it was just yesterday I went to school for the first time in the US. I went in the cafeteria with my cousins ate and then they left me because they went to talk with their friends and I remained sitting down in the cafeteria all by myself, being clueless, feeling lonely and waiting for the bell to ring so I could go to my class.

The bell rang and after that I went to class I got lost at first couldn’t really remember where the class was and mind you my English was so horrible, to be honestly honest I only knew about a few words and those were in my British accent because that’s what they thought in Kenya so I sounded horrible–you can imagine. After I got lost this lady who was a sixth-grade teacher took me to my class and now I was late but I guess it really didn’t matter because it was the first day and teachers expect that from students.

I got in the classroom and now my teacher asked me to introduce myself to the whole class. I remember I started shaking I felt butterflies in my stomach at that moment my emotions of being fearful kicked in. I introduced myself and said “Hi my name is Alice and I’m from Africa” and that was it.

I sat down in my seat and this girl named Anijah looked at me and gave me a fake smile and I didn’t smile back. Days went on and I got used to the school system, I used to bring my own lunch from home because I didn’t like American food at all and my mom would make me home food. At lunch that’s when I felt really lonely and didn’t want to be at school at all…


People used to make fun of me all the time, they used to make fun of my clothes, the braids that I used to get done, they made fun of the shoes I wore and they just made fun of me in general because I was the girl from Africa. It was like a bad thing be that girl to the point where I started lying that I was mixed that my dad was African and my mom was European so they don’t tease me all the time and they believed it because of my skin tone was light.

In the middle of sixth grade we had to give a presentation of a topic we wanted and my teacher Mrs. Scudder instead that I give on of where I come from and I was like okay I can do that and talk about how I had tons of friends in Kenya and how I was boarding school the fun stuff we did in boarding just the general stuff.

When it was my turn to give the presentation I had included all the stuff I wanted to talk about. The biggest one was living in boarding school, how I couldn’t see my parents and siblings for 3 months and how it was difficult. I also included the activities we did because we didn’t have cell phones like America and how we created our own games.

The overall United States welcomed me well and still is treating me well and there’s nothing that I can really complain about. I’m also very thankful for everything, I know I myself couldn’t have done it but with all help whether its school teachers were and still are willing to help me and I’m just thankful.


What do you think?

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