There are few events at Prairie High School that carry the appreciation and impressive quality as Curtain Call. Every year, Prairie Show Choir hosts an event consisting of solo acts, ensembles, and Choir performances to close the Show Choir season.


April 6th, 2018 was an eventful Friday night as Prairie Show Choir said farewell to their 2017-2018 season on stage in the Prairie Concert Hall.


Hundreds of family, friends and admirers buy tickets to attend Curtain Call. Prairie’s Show Choirs, Focal Point and Ambassadors, are shining gems of the Prairie Music Association. Additionally, many students perform solo acts such as Mari Dawley, who sang a rendition of At Last by Etta James.


It certainly ‘takes a village’ to create, but the outcome is an outstanding performance created by Prairie students that stays with the audience long after the curtain has been lowered once more. Mari Dawley, a Focal Point performer and soloist at Curtain Call, says, “I think Curtain Call was amazing.  It was a very bitter-sweet night, as it was the last performance for the seniors. We will miss them immensely.”


Curtain Call takes the contribution of many to create this amazing show. “Chamber Choir doesn’t normally sing pop or jazz music, that choir learns songs specifically for Curtain Call.  The solos and small acts audition, and if they are selected, they continue to refine their performance,” Mr. Justin Sands, the choir director, explains.


Prairie students take this event very seriously and prepare for their performance for weeks. Students are the backbone of Curtain Call and contribute hard work to create this show.


“We have a great variety in the show, and students are always prepared.  It is an emotional and very important event for all of our students, especially the seniors.  They take it seriously, so it always turns out well!” says Mr. Sands.


Curtain Call is a well known event at Prairie and has been a tradition for years. “We always have many alumni come back to see the shows.  They take a lot of pride in the part they have played in building our tradition. It’s a very important event for our students and community,” Mr. Sands admits.


Curtain Call is the last performance for not only the Prairie Show Choirs, but for seniors as well. Because of this, there is more heart and love in this show than any other event before Curtain Call.


“I believe that Curtain Call did make a great impact on students and teachers.  Many of my peers and teachers told me good job, and it’s very cool to have their support.  It is also a great night to get a taste of what a sliver of the PHS music program is all about,” Mari Dawley includes.


The Prairie Music Association is more than a few choirs and special acts, it is a family of determined, accepting and loving musical students who create outstanding performances until the final ‘Curtain Call’.



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