How can the 21st-century students in our community change how Americans are educated in finances for our future?


Cedar Rapids- College Community Schools are offering powerful courses to educate students on all aspects of finances. These classes target what students should know and learn about how to handle money.


Madeline Farber, the economy reporter for conducted a study in 2016 which found that almost two-thirds of our nation couldn’t pass a basic literacy test of 5 questions. If you took this test, would you pass?


Many Americans are not educated on finances, taxes and proper use of money. At our school, we have a class that can teach these skills and thus Prairie students can potentially be among the Americans that pass the test!


Mr. Sima, the teacher of Prairie’s Personal Finance class noted the importance of this class for high schoolers. He says that “Many people do not have money saved in case of an emergency because they don’t budget their money.”


The units taught in this course include Money Management, Earning Power, Financial Institutions,  Credit, Investing and Insurance.


Not only do students learn how to fill out taxes and practice saving, but they create their own “Final Budget Project.” Which is where the student has to take into account their Net Monthly Income and budget all the things they will need. For example a cell phone bill, haircuts, student loans, and car payments.


Dennis Jacobe, Chief Economist from Gallup News, reported, “nearly one in three Americans prepare a detailed written or computerized household budget each month that tracks their income and expenses — a large majority do not.”


Sima expressed that, “Their Final Budget Project simulates what their life will be like on their own, helps students think about their future and better prepare them for what’s to come depending on the decisions they make.”


Of all the topics covered and ideas addressed in the class, Sima states, “Most students tell me the top things they take away from this class are: PYF (pay yourself first) and start investing early.”


As next year’s course planning is taking place, students definitely have the elective option of Personal Finance to learn more about how they can succeed in the sense of finances.



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