Congratulations, students have made it to the final fourth of this school year. Seniors are counting down the days to graduation, juniors preparing for their final year, and sophomores celebrating that they made it through their first year of high school.


While spring break is over and summer break is on it’s way, there is still lots to accomplish before school is let out. Tests, finals, projects, presentations, and homework are still being handed out like participation awards.


As the school year begins to wind down, the stress levels soar. In a study done by the American
Psychological Association, 45% of high school students found school was causing major stress and anxiety. The farther into the school year it gets, the more stress students face.


Student Grace Lullmann says, “I’m not necessarily preparing for the end of the year. I’m just kind of going with the flow of things. Thinking about the end of the school year stresses me out because there is still a lot of stuff happening.”


Lullmann also believes that teachers aren’t helping us prepare for the end of the semester. “They are more focused on preparing students for many different things,” explains Lullmann.


As a student, there are quite a few ways to help get you organized and ready for all that school will throw at you before the year ends.


Stay as organized as possible. Keep assignments written down and notes together to avoid being overwhelmed. A mess can cause or add to stress.


Don’t procrastinate. Putting things off can cause students to fall into a routine of turning things in late. By getting started on work as soon as possible, students can get their work out of the way and have more time to use.


Waiting until last minute may seem like a good idea. Getting to hangout with friends longer during the weekend or stay “stress free” for as long as possible. The longer you wait, the more the workload builds up. When starting work last minute, students may run out of time or feel rushed, not allowing students to do their best work. It also adds much more stress, knowing you have to work on such a tight deadline.


Focus on the finish line. The American Psychological Association found that unmotivated students tended to struggle more with keeping up with work and becoming stressed. Think of how close you are to the long awaited summer break. Know that when all of your hard work is completed, you’ll be rewarded with fun in the sun for two and a half months and the satisfaction of doing well in school.


What do you think?

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