Iowa Assessments is a week full of students, grades 4th-11th, sitting in classrooms and filling in bubbles for the three basic tests; math, science, and writing. In order for the state of Iowa, and the students, to see where the kids place on a scale of each other.


Many students cringe at the mere thought of Iowa Assessments. “[The Iowa Assessments} get very repetitive, lots of questions carry over into the next year. It’s not my favorite thing to do but you have to do them,” says Mari Dawley, a Prairie High School sophomore who took the tests last week.


Beth Uthoff, a Prairie senior, who didn’t have to take the Iowa Assessments this year recalls the emotions that she felt while taking the tests, then the ones she felt knowing she didn’t have to this year, “I wasn’t nervous about the tests at all … I knew that they were solely for data – so I just did my best.”


But many students don’t know that these tests don’t do much for you. Unlike the MAP testing students do, where they have to reach a certain number to graduate, they don’t have to hit a goal to graduate, with the Iowa Assessments.


Colleges may have a glance at your score when deciding whether to accept you, but your acceptance isn’t heavily weighed on this one test score.


“Good test-taking skills are important for college, which affects my life,” Uthoff said about the impact these tests had on her life.


So with the question, “Do these tests really matter?”, that everyone has; is the week of testing impacting our lives? Or is it a week where the students are filling in bubbles so that Iowa can rank us?


Well, it’s up to you to make that decision.


What do you think?

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