My family is simply amazing. Knowing that my family will always be there for me no matter what and will never give up on me gives me the strength to appreciate and adore the love they show me more than anything else in this world.

Having family is important in an everyday life because you need it. The family will never leave you because of your mistakes, not your wrongs but will try to help you and fix those wrongs that you’ve done.

I and my siblings had always been close ever since I was at a very young age. I remember my older brother carrying me on his back whenever I used to cry because he was leaving so he would take me to wherever he was going and couldn’t leave while I was crying for him.

My aunt who raised me at a when I was little whenever I used to do go play outside and take longer to come back home to eat lunch, she’d make me stay in the house the whole evening with her and my older sister or make me sleep the whole evening because I didn’t come home early to eat.

Growing up I lived in a very large household, brothers, sisters, and aunts but we were all very close, young and older, we shared what was cooked and what wasn’t, we shared big and small because that’s the way were always taught by our parents.

When I used to live in Rwanda there’s no day that my mom stayed home she would go to work every day and comes home in the evening. She always works hard for her family. There are many things that matter in my life but the most that matter above all is the relationship that I have with my family. As long as I can remember, my family has been there for me through thick and thin.

My Mom took care of me when I was little like all good mothers do but the relationship that we had as I got older was actually more important to me than when I was a child.  Every time I see my mother I have the benefit of taking in her beauty. My Mother’s beauty never seizes to amaze me she’s beautiful in and out and I love her dearly. She’s a strong woman who never gives up until she gets where she needs to be.

My mom has always taught me the importance of family. She says this to me every time whenever we have talked about how the family is important and should value it. “Being part of a blessed family is one of the greatest gifts that we get in life.”

The first gift that we get from God is to have parents, who support us, teach us values in life and to teach us the importance of love and being loved, trust to be there for one another. A gift not only with lovable parents but siblings who care and love you beyond themselves. We cannot buy or demand all these things in life, as we are being given to understand their importance.


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