In most cases, relying on others is seeking for help where we can not reach or do by our own means of help. But sometimes we don’t think of relying on others to be an act of try to be who other people are. Believe it or not, everybody has his or her own problems. And they all rely on others as well as you do.

The good news is that there are many ways to be independent and seek ways in a better and valid way. Encouraging yourself to your own identity is like surrounding yourself with your needs. What you love will introduce you to yourself.

At one certain point in life, You have come across a person or even a word that says “try your best.” It is the best motivation you can come across too. It has many meanings behind it. It is another word it might mean that you can do it just how you are capable of.

“There’s a sense of being a little out of control of your life powerful emotions pulling you in different directions, a nagging sense of worry that never lets up, and losing your grip on that sense of who you are and what’s important to you. That’s my least favorite part—the loss of identity.” ~Jessica King

According to Jessica King, she states that depending on others and seeking for their approval is like losing your identity. And it is very true. During that time of help, It might be important helping yourself by following the procedure in order to do it next time. But if you sit back and relax for the work to be done for you, it is really pushing yourself back.

Most of us can be related to a situation whereby we love to be helped. And where we fill lazy to do something by ourselves. Don’t we ask ourselves why we are not doing it alone? For sure it is better to learn how to be ourselves that to learn how to accept for not being who we are. For depending on others when we can on our own.

As I was doing some interviews I came across an interesting Story. Mutabazi David said that other than being who you are, there are some doubts that bring you to a conclusion and recall what you have been doing lately to realize who you are as a person. I thought that it was clear that if we think of our action and how they help us to be on a right path.

I am also looking for the best in life and I know where you are they are things you question and it is okay to do so. It does not mean that you have to be away from people.

For the best, you will still seek help and also know where to fit in. Over depending on others is what kills but as soon as you get the idea of how to set yourself free from all the needy unnecessary values. The person you have been looking for will come through you and nobody else.



What do you think?

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