When it comes to vegetarianism, most of us aren’t very knowledgeable. Even so, there are many types of vegetarians, who live the lifestyle for tons of different reasons.


First off, it’s important to know the different types of vegetarians. Basic vegetarians will eat anything besides meat, fish, and poultry. People who are lacto vegetarians will eat everything other than meat, fish, poultry, with the addition of eggs. Finally, vegans omit anything that an animal based product.


When considering plant-based diets, the most prominent aspects are health, ethics, and religion. If a person chooses a plant-based diet due to health, it is because they believe that prohibiting meats, fish, and poultry will lead to health benefits.


Others think that it is unethical and immoral to eat animals don’t like the pollution that farms may cause. For religion, Hindus make up the largest vegetarian population. Vegan, Maude Trillnal says, “The way the animals are treated and cultivated is contributing to not only inhumanity but climate change.”


So some people wonder how vegetarians can maintain their diets without the protein from meats. But these days, products that adhere to these lifestyles are much easier to come by. Vegetarians can get their proteins from beans, nuts, tofu, seeds, and many other common foods.


There are a variety of meat, egg, and dairy substitutes as well. These include tofu, tempeh, Ener-G Egg Replacer, soy milk, and soy sour cream.


“We can substitute anything for dairy and meat products and not have to worry about cancer or heart disease or high cholesterol. It’s tremendously helpful for the mind, body, and spirit because it’s clean,” explains Trillnal.


Converting to a plant-based diet is difficult, but can create tremendous benefits for your body. If you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian, here is a guide that can help you along the way!


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