A boppy, sci-fi, comedic musical by the name Little Shop of Horrors is coming to Prairie this May.


Little Shop of Horrors written by Howard Ashman is a fun little musical about a down-on-his-luck guy named Seymour who works in a flower shop. One day he finds a mysterious talking plant that brings him luck, however the plant turns out to be an alien that feeds on human blood. Talk about a plot twist.


The score for the musical was composed by Alan Menken, who has also composed scores of movies that you may be familiar with. The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast ring a bell?


Songs from Little Shop of Horrors are classified as motown, which is a 60’s rock and roll style. Motown music differs greatly from last year’s more classical musical, The Secret Garden.


“I loved Secret Garden, it was fantastic, but I wanted to do something different. I wanted us to learn a different skill, I wanted us to do something outside of that. So that you get a well-rounded performance experience while you’re here at Prairie High School,” commented Kami Hill, Prairie’s Speech and Drama director.


The Speech and Drama department also chose Little Shop of Horrors because the various options of students for each role.


Hill said, “I had 4 or 5 options for every role, as far as students who would be willing to participate are concerned. So I had 5 choices right off the top of my head for Seymour, I had 6 choices right off the top of my head for Audrey.”


Auditions were a surprise for Hill though. According to her, there wasn’t a bad audition. In fact, there were so many incredible auditions that for the first time in Prairie musical history, callback auditions were hosted.


There were so many talented students that Hill had to callback for every major male role in the musical. As far as problems go, having too much talent during auditions is a pretty amazing one.


Though, talent isn’t the only thing that’s relied on, especially for a big production. Every person has to work hard and put the time in for the show to come out amazing. Hill has faith in this year’s exceptional cast, “They are not only a crazy talented cast, they are a hardworking and dedicated cast.”


The cast themselves are super eager to work on the show and revel in the finished product. Gabby Lewis (12) who plays Audrey in the musical said, “I know it’s going to be super exciting because the cast is really great. I’m just really looking forward to see how it’s going to turn out.”


A production like Little Shop of Horrors takes more help than just the scheduled play rehearsals though. A ton of work goes into creating the musical, with everything from building the set to costumes to designing posters and programs. If you’re interested in helping out, definitely take this opportunity to volunteer.


Hill said, “Hundreds of hours go into this on various levels. So it takes an army. If you wanna be part of the army, come join us, we have a spot for you.”


Attending Little Shop of Horrors is a must. Cole Schaller (12) who plays the lead, Seymour, said, “It’s fantastic, and bouncy, and energetic. It’s a whole lot of fun, so everyone should be there.”


The musical will perform on May 10th, 11th, and 12th at 7pm. Tickets will be five dollars for adults, four dollars for students, and activity passes will be accepted. So mark one of those dates on your calendar to make sure you come out to support the cast and crew and be wildly entertained by Little Shop of Horrors.


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