Currently, oceans are suffering from the rage of plastic being thrown or blown into the water to degrade by tons of people who visit bodies of water every single day. Plenty of bottles or bags are drifting in the ocean taking up about 40% of the world’s ocean surfaces according to EcoWatch and each piece of plastic takes up to 1,000 years to degrade.

At this point in time, it’s hard to escape the use of plastic considering everyday lives revolve around plastic bottles, containers, and even keyboards. 50% of the plastic used just ends up being thrown away after one use.

A group of juniors in high school answered a few questions about their observations and duties around their homes, communities, and school. Britney Nguyen explained others she sees corrupt the environment are performing the acts of “littering, leaving lights on, and leaving hoses or sprinklers on.”

Another junior, Tate Houser, explained “What I’ve seen with others is a lot of littering all over the grass and also not recycling right.” In Iowa, there are obviously many corn fields that can be tortured by polluted items being blown around.

Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth four times with each American throwing away 185 pounds of plastic per year. That’s almost 2 pounds a day, per person.

To get those numbers to reduce, actions need to be taken throughout the community. So, in homes, in schools, at work, and even when sitting on the beach drinking a sweet lemonade.

Surprisingly, there are many ways people already conserve and reuse when it comes to saving our environment, but there are plenty of other ways that are possible as well.

A lot of people enjoy shopping, especially high schoolers or young adults. When shopping, be sure to use reusable bags if possible.

Also, an average person is drinking 38% more water than they would have 15 years ago, so that means more plastic bottles, but reusable water bottles are always an option and can be used for different drinks as well.

At school, it’s even easy to help the environment even though it might not seem so. When using paper or cardboard, take the extras that aren’t used or old papers that won’t need to be used and place them in the recycle container which can be found in just about every room.

Houser explained “I help the environment at school because we don’t use paper towels in the bathrooms and we do many things on the computer which saves paper.” Without the computers, a lot of excess paper would be used, sometimes even for no purpose.

Also, when eating lunch, paper plates or plastic silverware are not used so that each day, trays and silverware can be reused.

At home, using the blue bin to put cardboard and plastic into is of importance and can be picked up once a week to be taken away for the purpose of reuse. So, if plastic water bottles are likable, it’d be easy to recycle them for reuse in the future.

Overall, there are so many different ways to help the environment. Just by picking up one piece of trash a day or using a reusable water bottle, the environment can slowly change for the better.


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