On March 23rd and 24th, two hundred Prairie music students woke up at 3:00 am and sleepily made their way to the Eastern Iowa Airport. Many held instrument cases in their hands while others only had to bring their vocal chords as carry-ons.


The massive group of excited students flew to Orlando, Florida last week in order to participate in Disney’s Magical Workshop designed for high school students involved in band and choir.


This trip had been a long awaited experience for many students. “I’ve known about the music trip to Florida since middle school.  I can’t remember exactly when I learned about it but I’ve always been excited to go,” Luka Elges said. And the one hundred other students in band agree with him.


The Music Trip to Orlando, Florida is one of the most magical experiences of Prairie High School music student’s careers. “Whatever you do,” Mr. Jimmerson, the Symphonic Band director said, “make sure that this workshop is the most important and spectacular thing you ever do on your instrument.”


While a large portion of the trip was spent at Disney Parks such as Magic Kingdom, Epcot and even Universal Studios, the Music Workshop was the main focus of the trip. Clinicians (experienced educators) from Disney worked with each choir and band for two hours on real Disney music!


“The best part of the choral workshop I attended was definitely the clinician.  It was so cool to see someone who was so passionate about making music. We got the opportunity to sing two songs from the movie Beauty and the Beast and then see all of our hard work pay off in the end by watching it [their recorded Disney songs] in a video.” Mari Dawley explained in regards to the Disney Choral Workshop.


Each day in Florida was packed with unique and exciting experiences. There were dire cases of sore feet, short power naps, and small concerts of Disney music on the charter buses. However, while this trip seemed to be all fun and games, there were many lessons to be learned.


Samantha Ehler clarified, “Your attitude towards something is everything. If you decide that you will make the most of something and have a great time, chances are you will; but if you go into it with a bad attitude, you won’t get anything out of it.”


Being a band or choir student (or BOTH) takes a lot of heart and hard work. However, the Orlando Music Trip was a magical reward for the two hundred students to learn, practice, and polish their musical talents.


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