Job shadows are a great opportunity to find what you like to/want to do in the future.  It is basically a preview of any job that you select and you shadow a person that works in the specific career that you are interested in.  If you are interested in taking part in a job shadow you can go to this link  

The sign up times vary depending on the School but, they usually are around the end of the Fall.  The job shadow will then be confirmed by a counselor and then you will be sent information regarding the Job Shadow, the Job Shadows all happen at different times during the year and the number of people at the job shadow can vary.

What do you actually do at a Job Shadow?  At a Job Shadow you are paired with a professional in the field that you chose and they explain what their occupation is, what they do on a daily basis and all the things in between.  At a Job Shadow you have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and meet some people that work in the field your shadowing.

Also they show you the things they do, like the work they are doing or things they are working on, this is really helpful to see if you like that career because you get to see what happens on the job and what a normal day looks like on the job.  A student gave some insight on this by saying,”It made me realize how much I actually wanted to pursue in that career and it showed me all the different kind of jobs that go into that field.”

A student at Prairie gave some insight on what a job shadow was like and what they learned. Korey Frederick stated,”Yeah it helped tell me that I didn’t want to do that, and it pertained careers I didn’t care about.”  Also another student gave some insight on there job shadow,”It had a lot of hands on experience…It helped me figure out which field I want to go in, not necessarily which career i’ll pursue.”

Overall job shadows are a very beneficial experience and they are free to do through Prairie.  Speak with your counselor to learn more about what a job shadow is and when the sign up period is.


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