Who runs the world? If you are Beyonce, you probably said, “GIRLS!” While I will not disagree with Queen B, I believe that money is what the world revolves around.


So, how do you get money? A JOB, DUH.


Now is the time to get your first real job, and there is a vast number of choices for you and your skills.


I have had a few jobs, and I have liked them for different reasons. My first big source of income was my very own dog sitting business. It was called, “Because I Can’t Have One Dog Sitting.”


I had watched my aunts dogs for her while she was away, and she would give me $20. It was like getting paid twice, once for just getting to spend time away with dogs, and then I would get cash for it too.


So I made it official. I made a rate based on how far away the house was, how many dogs, and for how long they would be gone for.


Most people start small, but I was not most people when I was 13 years old. The first house I dog sat for had 7 huge dogs! 2 Saint Bernards, a Great Dane puppy, a Golden Retriever, etc.


Not only that, but they were gone for 2 whole weeks. That was one of the best 2 weeks of my life. Then the owners came back and handed me a check for $500 dollars. They also asked for my business card to give to their friends who also have a large number of dogs.


For the rest of my summers, I would dog sit for many different families. By the time I turned 16, I had saved up $1,000 in my own bank account.


But then I finally got my own dog, and my business name no longer worked. I also didn’t have the time to sit at other people’s homes anymore, so I retired my business.


So now what? I was left with no source of income. My friend had a job at Newbo City Market in the bakery, and he knew that one of the other vendors was hiring. He asked if I would be interested, and I jumped at the idea.


This would be the first time I was ever employed by someone. I was nervous as I walked up to the Mexican Restaurant and to the owner named, Carlos.


You see, my mom and I practiced normal interview questions. I felt prepared. But the first question Carlos asked me was, “When can you start?”


I said tomorrow. And that was my first real interview.


Working at Newbo was definitely a weird experience. After Carlos felt I was trained enough, he left me alone with just me and the cook. I got tips, which was really nice to have cash on hand. But I was only getting paid $7.25 an hour.


I was fine with that pay when I was still just being trained, but I would basically run the store when Carlos wasn’t there. The first time I brought this up to my boss, he scoffed. A few months later, I told him I would look for a different job unless I got a raise.


All he said was, “$8.50.”


And I worked there for 6 more months.


In the meantime, my boyfriend, Braxton Rowley, got his first real job at HyVee. It was fine at first, but he started seeing problems within the company.


At first, they scheduled him almost every night. But soon after, they would barely schedule him, sometimes less than once a week. Then he got sick from the Chinese food, and they made him call for his own replacement for his shift.


One day, he just called them and said, “I quit.” While he didn’t have another job yet, he knew that this place was just not a good place to work. Sometimes doing the wrong thing will help your life go right.


So, we went on the job hunt for him. As we were coming down 33rd Avenue, we saw a sign. It said, “New Kwik Star Opening Soon! Now Hiring! Starting $11.10 an Hour!!”


We both went to the open interview. Another long story short, they had a really intense hiring process. You had to have 7 references. I finished mine, but Braxton wanted to keep looking for a different job.


The store managers really enjoyed me, and they loved my work history at La Reyna in Newbo. So they hired me, and I went from making only $8.50 on the weekends to $11.10 all week.


I then “quit” La Reyna. The “quotes” meaning that I just didn’t text Carlos my shifts. Hey don’t judge me, he wouldn’t have listened to me anyway.


Braxton found the perfect jobs for him. First, he worked at Halloween Express for the season. He then had time to find a more permanent job.


Braxton is an early bird, and when a UPS sunrise package handling job popped up, he took it. He now works at 4 am to 7 am before school. They taught him that he loves to work hard for his money. He wants to go to a trade school to become an Electrician.


Kwik Star has been amazing. They treat their employees like family. I started in July, and by Christmas, they gave me a $135 bonus check. They also offer a scholarship worth up to $2,000 per year if you continue to work for them in college.


I am going to UNI for a Communication Degree. I found a house that I am living with my brother in that is 3 blocks away from a Kwik Star. Sometimes the stars align in the best way.


I also learned how to save money. When I was 16, I had $1,000 in my savings account. Well, just 2 years later, I now have $6,000. I am also buying my first car with cash.


Sure, I won’t work for Kwik Star for the rest of my life. But I have learned so much since I started working for them. That is what these jobs are for right now.  Learn more about yourself, and learn how to handle money.


There is a whole world of jobs around you. From making up your own business that started with a hobby, to looking online for an opening, or just happening to drive past a sign, your perfect first job is out there.


Don’t settle for a job just because you are afraid of leaving. Life right now is all about growing up, and you can grow out of jobs. Take each change in stride, and know that means you are on the right path.


This is what jobs are for. Find the job that makes you want to go to work. Find what you enjoy, and find a company who enjoys you for you.


Stay tuned for next week for advice on how to save money!



Written by Emma Kossayian

Pennsylvania born, Iowa grown.

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