A key aspect of being a student is having a social life. While it may not be going to parties or spending every free moment with a friend, every student has a social life. Living in or around the second biggest city in Iowa means there should be a lot of things to do. So what do students think of the things to do in Cedar Rapids?


80% of surveyed students think that Cedar Rapids need more activities, especially catered to kids and teens. 85% of these students often leave Cedar Rapids for things to do. This means people are traveling farther to do something fun.


Since such a big percentage of students want more activities in the city, what kind of things are they interested in?


Many students want more activities involving the outdoors, such as more parks and spaces for people to participate in a number of different sports. Others would prefer a new or a much improved mall, while some have no specific ideas.


Overall, students agree that they would like to see more things for teen and kids that are affordable. Many students complained about prices.Some include larger-scaled activities like water or theme parks. Either way, everyone would like to find something to do that doesn’t include spending a small fortune.


If you do happen to be looking for ideas on what to do the next time you hangout with your friends, some students suggest finding a good restaurant or store to hangout and talk. Other suggestions include; an occasional movie, going to support your local sports team, being active in sports or other types of physical activities, or even going on a drive.


What do you think?

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