It’s that time of year again! You might think the season of love and cheesy proposals occurs around Valentine’s day, but in actuality the months leading to prom are the true season of love.


Every year promposals have gotten bigger and bigger. In our parents’ generation, asking someone to prom was simply done by dialing them up on the rotary phone or passing them a note in history, but these days asking someone to a dance is generally a bit more extravagant.


Posters filled with puns, balloons filling a room, spelling it out in huge letters, and/or gifts of candy or stuffed animals are some of the most common ways students are asked to prom. Promposals are seen all over social media from February till April.


But why do high schoolers feel they have to ask in such grand ways? Is it just to get that perfect picture to post? Or to make your date feel special?


Kenzee Albert, a junior at Prairie asked her boyfriend to prom using candy and a pun-riddled poster.


Screenshot_2018-03-25-20-38-03-1(Photo courtesy of Kenzee Albert)


Albert said, “I didn’t feel that I necessarily had to do a big thing, but it was just super fun and, I just wanted to ask him in a special way.”


Wanting to ask someone in a special way is probably the most common reason that promposals to be dramatic. As teenagers a lot of us daydream of that one cutie from math class declaring their love and asking us to the prom in the most extraordinary way possible. It’s normal for a lot of us.


But hey, we’re all different. Some people even prefer the simpler ways of life. While getting asked to prom over text can seem impersonal, to some it can be just perfect.


A junior at Prairie by the name of Madie Andorf was asked to prom over text by a friend of hers. Neither had a date and he casually proposed going together. After questioning if he was serious, Andorf accepted the simple promposal.


Andorf even stated that she wouldn’t want a larger promposal. “I mean we both agreed that we’re going together so there’s no need for a big way. I find the traditional promposals awkward.”


Let’s just admit it, they can be awkward. The asker might be nervous that the askee will say no, and the askee might feel embarrassed when proposed to in front of others. We may crave that sensational moment but when it actually comes, it’s always way more awkward than you’ve imagined. So maybe a text is easier.


“I appreciate the effort and the gesture, but I mean, a text is fine,” commented Andorf.


Promposals are really up to you. They can be as huge and dramatic as you want or as down-to-earth and plain. Whether you’re doing the asking or waiting anxiously to be asked, prom season is upon us, so watch out for that perfect Instagram pic!


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