Have you ever wished you could do something to help people or create a change? It’s really not that hard to do!


Recently, Prairie High School’s Student Council hosted the first ever Mini-Dance Marathon to raise money for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. The dance raised over a thousand dollars from admission and by selling t-shirts.


The dance was hosted on Saturday, March 3rd from 7pm to 10pm but Student Council spent weeks beforehand preparing for and advertising the dance. Student Council planned all the various activities for the night, hired a band formed by Prairie students, and contacted speakers to share their experiences from the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.


Events during the dance included speeches from Sierra Manning and Kyle Cook, a bags tournament and a dodgeball tournament in the South Gym, Bingo in the cafeteria with prizes, and the Shack Boys performing in the North Gym.  It was a jam-packed night.


Over one thousand dollars were raised by the dance. Makenna Moenk, a member of the dance committee, explained how admission and the t-shirts helped to raise the money.


“When you walk in it’ll be ten dollars, if you just walk in. The first 50 people will probably get a t-shirt when they walk in because we didn’t have a lot of people sign up online. But those who did sign up online will also get a t-shirt, we have a list for that. So people can put on their t-shirts and it’ll be fun,” Moenk said before the dance.


Before the Mini-Dance Marathon, Student Council hosted a 5k to help the Children’s Hospital.

“So we did the 5K for the last, like five years and that was bringing in a lot of money, but we wanted to like make it a bigger event for more students, because not everybody’s a runner,” Moenk commented.


The Mini-Dance Marathon was an imitation of the real Dance Marathon hosted by students at the University of Iowa. The UI Dance Marathon just had it’s 24th annual twenty-four hour long Dance Marathon which raised over three million dollars for the Children’s Hospital.


Prairie’s own Mini-Dance Marathon clearly wasn’t at big of an event, but hopefully it will continue to be an annual affair and Prairie can continue donating to a good cause.


While the dance had a good cause, it still had a few flaws, which can be expected for the inaugural dance.


“I just feel like needs to be better organization and there needs to be more of a focus on what people are actually there for,” commented Kyle Cook, one of the speakers at the dance and a two-time cancer survivor.

Student Council is already planning on how to better organize the dance for next time, including better scheduling of events, having everyone donate to the cause, and maybe one day opening it up to all of the Prairie Community.


So next year, if you love to help others, love to bust a move, or even just love to win a dodgeball tournament, think about attending Prairie’s Mini-Dance Marathon.


photo credit: Elizabeth Streb






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