Prairie provides many unique opportunities for students to explore different areas of social interactions with others. One thing that is considered to be important at Prairie is leadership. Principal Erik Anderson always says “Take Care of yourself, Take Care of others and Take Care of Prairie.”  

Leadership roles can be gained through many different clubs at Prairie. I talked to a couple seniors who will be leaving their mark on Prairie this year and there will be a push for students to step up and become a leader. Liv Nurre, a senior who is involved in leadership roles through Student Council being the Executive Board President and National Honor Society Secretary said, “being titled a “leader” is so much more than a resume builder.”

It may make your resume look better than some of your peers but the skills you take awake are much more important. “My social and professional skills have grown tremendously!” said Brylee Yirkovsky. This year, she was a leader through student council Senior Class President, National Honor Society President and Varsity Volleyball Co-Captain.

Beth Uthoff, Key Club Vice President, and Thirst Project Committee Chair told me that she “I have learned how to be organized and how to effectively lead my peers in ways they want to.

Last but not least “I have made connections to better enhance my network,” Sean Hamilton who left his mark as BPA Chapter Special Olympic Coordinator, BPA Chapter President, State BPA Vice President of Marketing, FCA leader, 2017-2018, Marching band section leader, and an Iowa BIG team lead.

It may be scary at times but “the minute you step outside of your comfort zone, you will be amazed at the new opportunities it opens up for you, ” Bixby added. As for myself, I see this to be true. I never imagined myself in a leadership role, let alone more than one. But high school is the perfect time to try new things and step up to become a leader among your peers. “If you think that you could do a good job, run for an office. What’s the worst that could happen? And even if you don’t win, you show your peers and advisors that you are serious about your involvement,” Uthoff said.

Yirkovsky added, “it is important is to realize you don’t have to hold an office position to be a leader! Being a leader is positively influencing those around you, and is something that is easier to do when joining clubs and organizations.”

All of these seniors believe that there is plenty of opportunities to join clubs and get those leadership positions among peers and not only will you have fun, but you will come out with many more skills than you had before.


Top left: Liv Nurre

Bottom left: Marissa Bixby

Middle: Beth Uthoff

Top right: Sean Hamilton

Bottom right: Brylee Yirkovsky


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