Have you ever thought that Cedar Rapids is a boring town? Or that there is nothing to do in it? NewBo Market may change your mind about that!

I recently interviewed Nicole Gingerich, the marketing director and event coordinator for NewBo City Market in downtown Cedar Rapids. I got a lot of information on the market and the events that it offers.

Nicole says that NewBo is a “Non-profit organizations that supports over 2 dozen small business. Their other mission is to provide a space for the community–give people someplace to belong.”

NewBo City Market has over 150 events every year. These events target “everyone from teens to baby boomers and retirees. We want it to be a place for everyone.”

Their events are free to community members of all ages and interests. The events range anywhere from health to entertainment, exercise, trivia and more.

Thursdays target health and wellness with indoor yoga, mind focus, socializing and happy hours. Fridays focus on entertainment with trivia nights, bingo, live music and of course, food.

In the summer, they have “Meet Me At the Market,” a night with music, different exercise options, food and socializing. There is also Rock the Block where local bands come to put on a show for the people of Cedar Rapids.

Not only does NewBo offer these events, but they also have a coffee shop open and welcome for anyone to come and chat or do homework.

The Market can also benefit high school students looking for employment, these local and new business often hire high schoolers in the summer.

There is so much to offer at NewBo, Nicole also notes that “I love dogs and everyone brings their dog to events so it’s great to pet all of them.”

The shops are open Thursdays-Sundays with their coffee shop “Roasters” open every day of the week. For more info, visit https://www.newbocitymarket.org/.

The Market is very versatile and has something to offer everybody! What event will you attend?



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