In 2015 France constructed a loose plan for countries all around the world to follow called the Paris Agreement. The Paris agreement is the effort to get the world to agree on cutting greenhouse gas emissions to stop the rapid development of global climate change. Every country would put money into building renewable energy programs within their own country, to cut their use of fossil fuels.


The world is going through swift climate change due to global warming that’s been surged by humans carbon dioxide usage. In order to stop this, scientist calculate a carbon budget to show people the limits in which not to pass of CO2 emissions. The world has an overall carbon budget that shouldn’t pass 2℃ a year. From 1905-2005 the temperature increase as doubled from .6℃ to 1.8℃ annually. At this rate by 2050 we are expected to have a temperature increase of 7.2℃ annually. At that point the ice caps would melt, and the earth would attempt to fix itself by slowly trying to do an ice age like in the Day After Tomorrow, but that’s another story.  


The plan is constructed to slowly over time limit the carbon dioxide emission by establishing goals to hit annually. Ever year the country would have to make a new goal for itself to try to stay under, and if the plan is done globally, it would limit the rate of global climate change.


The plan actually has no binding factors in it, not country is punished if they do not hit their goal, they are however shamed in the sense that they would be looked down upon by not attempting to try like the other countries in doing their part.


Every country in the world but Nicaragua and Syria, signed to join the Paris Agreement. But on June 1st, 2017, United States President Donald Trump declared that the US was backing out of the Paris agreement in order to get his America First Plan. (America First being the anti intervention plan with foreign countries admitted by the President, Republican led house of Representatives and Republican Senators)


Trump believes that within the agreement, American businesses would be limited and people would lose their jobs. Trump thoroughly believes that coal mining would better the US’s economy as well as employ more people in need of a job.


Government officials called it a victory for the United States, yet people are not so convinced. Corporate America has showed heavy backlash to the decision, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Google, Facebook, and many others have showed their displeasure in the situation. Many of them buying ads on tv and in newspapers to promote the Paris Agreement. Many leaving the president’s council (President’s council is people of large wealth/company owners committee which they advise the president through economic difficulty).

They pointed out that we are actually creating new jobs of future relevance and in larger quantity, instead of going back and putting coal mines back into production.

The rest of the world is in shock that the US pulled out of the agreement, put will stick with it, in attempt to make the world a better place.

When surveying 35 student over if they believe this is a relevant issue and the US should be apart of the agreement, all 35 said we should.

If the students of America believe this, then the people paid to make this decision should get us back apart of this agreement.

Though President Trump pulled out of the agreement, the earliest date America can back out of it’s contract with the agreement is November of 2020, right before his term is over.  


What do you think?

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