Prairie High School is always looking for new ways to improve the environment here at school. The recent and ongoing construction in addition to the constantly changing curriculum proves this exact point.


Despite the recent and ever-changing advancements, the school sometimes fails to consider their most important individuals during these changes: the students.


The students are the ones most affected by the environment here at school, whether that be the learning environment, physical environment, or even the emotional environment.


The school board is always looking to better the school for the students, so why not ask the students what they think?


A form was sent out to the student body asking them if they enjoy school and what they think could be done to improve the environment here at the high school.


Only 32.6% of the students that responded said that they enjoy school most of the time. That means that ⅔ of the students don’t enjoy school very much.


When asked why they don’t enjoy school, students responded with a variety of answers.


“Teachers give busy work that doesn’t make sense, school days are too long, and we are being taught how to take tests, not being taught things that are actually important,” says one student.


Out of all aspects of Prairie, the one thing students want the most improvement on is the teaching methods here at Prairie. Many feel as though the classroom should be more adaptive to the individual needs of the students since each student learns differently.


“I think classes should be divided among how students learn best with each subject – like hands-on, listening, seeing then doing – things like that so that we are learning it in the best way we can. I think this because, in many subjects, I lose interest because I’m not learning in the best way for me,” explains a student.


A common trend between responses is the demand for more interactive learning.


“I feel that teachers lecture us about a test were going to have, give us a powerpoint over information and then test us over it and then we retake the test until we get the score we like,” admits a member of the student body, “Hands-on learning will help students retain 70-75% more information than a powerpoint would, and all we’re doing now is power points and self-teaching ourselves the rest at home. This is an alternative that would greatly benefit our students.”


What do you think?

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