Although it may be hard to believe, the end of the school year is approaching us abruptly. Many students have already registered for next year’s classes. With almost 100 electives offered at Prairie High School, being decisive with choosing which ones to take is not exactly an easy task.


You name an elective, and PHS most likely offers it.  There are courses in art and music, business and engineering, foreign languages—and so much more.


So how are students to know which electives to enroll in?  Well, according to Mrs. Amunson, one of our three counselors here at Prairie High School, “It depends on what your interests are.  I would suggest taking at least one exploratory class each semester, that would be the minimum.”


This is why there are so many electives offered.  Not everyone has the same interests. Even so, most every student can agree that electives are a very important part of their high school experience.  A survey was sent out to the student body regarding electives. From that survey, a whopping 95.5% of students agreed that not only are electives very important, but they also help them prepare for life after graduation.


Mr. Sima, who teaches a plethora of electives here at PHS said the following: “These electives give students an opportunity to, in many of my courses, gain hard skills in addition to the many soft skills they learn in all courses. Students are able to walk out of these courses with specific skills they could list on a resume.”


Electives are providing students with real-world knowledge.  They are a much different from the four required core classes: english, math, science, and social studies.  Though, both core classes and electives are equally important. Core classes consist of the required curriculum—what you have to learn in order to graduate.  With that being said, electives are your choice. Each elective is different from one another, and they all offer skills and/or knowledge to every student. Ms. Reeves, who teaches the electives Journalism and News Lab agrees.  “I think that electives present students with opportunities to learn in non-traditional ways such as project-based learning.”


Electives also lead students to opportunities outside of the walls of Prairie High School. Whether students are planning on going to college, or straight into the world of work after high school—electives are useful with both options.  Mrs. Amunson explained, “Colleges like to see a well-rounded student, and that they are trying things. You can use elective information when you are writing scholarships, putting your resume together, or trying to get a job or internship.”


With this year finishing at full speed, students should start to think about their schedules for next year.  Take advantage of all of the electives offered to you, and explore as many career paths that you hold an interest in.  You only get a shot at high school once; so make the best out of it.


To view all of the electives, check out the 2018-2019 Plan of Studies under the resources tab on the Prairie High School website.(



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