Creative writing as a career is currently growing at a rate of 2.58% in the United States. But at Prairie High School, there is no course that allows students to have a creative writing class. The closest classes to creative writing are English 10 and 11. Even in these classes though, the focus is mainly on reading comprehension, technical writing, and presentation skills.


Prairie Point offered a one-semester course for Freshmen only. When students came over to Prairie High School, some were shocked at the lack of creative writing opportunities placed here.


Sophomore Payton Kroymann says that creative writing is, “An outlet to express ideas, feelings, and opinions… It not only helps yourself but the audience of your writing.”


There are plenty of students that feel the same as Kroymann. Anna Alldredge, a junior, shared that creative writing, “Allows students to uncover things about themselves and their mentalities.”


Creative writing is usually not seen as an activity or job that is challenging or important for people to do. But when looking at the skills needed to be successful in creative writing, there are actually equal parts of critical thinking, writing, time management, persuasion, social awareness, and important decision making.


Not only is creative writing good for academic success, it also is beneficial for emotional success. According to psychologists, creativity, particularly in the writing aspect, can help produce dopamine in the brain, making people feel happier. It also helps to reduce anxiety, which is common in many teens.


Although there is a club here at Prairie for creative writing, a class could help more students. Many students are not aware of clubs at school, but a class in the book of courses could create more recognition. In a class, there is time almost every day to have an outlet for stressful days, facilitated by someone who can help students make their writing as strong as possible.


Creative writing is not something that every student has to be required to do but should be an option for the numerous people that want it. Let’s get Prairie a creative writing class!


What do you think?

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