What comes to mind when hearing “State Championship?” Well, for the Prairie Girls, it seems to be making history when thinking about their accomplishment.

February 21st is a day that will go down into history for the Prairie bowlers and the whole community. 10:30 am was the start of a milestone moment for the Prairie girls varsity bowlers and they will never forget it.

The group of girls and boys varsity bowlers showed up to Cadillac Lanes knowing they had some difficult competition that day and would be happy with whatever outcome they ended up with. Different girls teams who qualified for state were Muscatine, Jefferson, Johnston, Dubuque Senior, West Des Moines Valley and Des Moines Valley.

Considering Prairie’s team average was 2,979.4 and Muscatine’s team average was  2,942.3, there was definitely some competition between the two, especially since they were on the same pair. Even though there was plenty of competition between Prairie and Muscatine, a mother of a bowler, Melanie Sundstrom, explained “Prairie as a team was their own competition.”

The setting in the bowling alley was amazing, there were hundreds of people packed into a small space just to cheer on the bowlers. Considering the space is nowhere near the size of the Wells Fargo Arena, there were plenty of supporters attending.

On their first game, the girls were very nervous because they hadn’t been bowling as well as they normally do. The crowd full of parents and friends were even more nervous because they wanted their children and friends to win just as much as the bowlers did.

Sundstrom stated, “After the first game, I was a little nervous but felt everyone could come back because the second game was usually an improvement.”

After the first game was over, the girls knew it was time to crack down and come back, just as they knew they could. So, the second game was a huge turn around. It was as if the first game never even happened with how far they bounced back.

During baker games, the girls were on fire.. They had multiple games over 200 when they were already ahead after individuals, so that bumped their score in standings up even farther. Sundstrom explained, “The atmosphere was much different during bakers because there was more cheering and everyone had worked better as a team.”

As bakers came to an end, the girls knew they had won the championship title, so they had started crying on each others shoulders. This was something never seen before in Prairie history, the Varsity Girls Bowlers had just won a state championship. Finally, after a couple years of placing second, they got first!

The year of 2017/2018 winter season for girls bowling will truly never be forgotten.


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