Are you tired? I assume so if you are one of the many high school students who are taking more classes than what you believe to be manageable.


With 55% of 340 students, of the Prairie High School, getting the recommended amount of sleep, many are still tired.


There are many correlations between the lack of sleep some may get, but a major one is electronics. The Sleep Ambassador, Nancy Rothstein says that the recommended time to put your phone down before bed is an hour. But many students don’t do that.


Only 20% of 335 students say that they put their phone away an hour before they fall asleep. While a majority of others say it is put away right before.


School was another major object of lack of sleep as well. 66% of the responses said that homework was one of the focal points to their lack of sleep. As well as 69% said that stress, induced by school, was another focal point.


“In my situation, I get near the amount of ideal sleep every night and my grades are sufficient,” says Grace Estenson, a Prairie High School Sophomore, when asked if she thought there was a correlation between the lack of sleep one has to their productivity in school.


“But I also feel that grades are also very dependant on how much effort one puts forth during class, and a lack of sleep may contribute to how great that effort is,” she continued.


So put the phone down, and try sleeping or letting up on the school work. And I know that the school work isn’t always your decision, so try and make a schedule so that you have enough time to relax and unwind before it is time for bed.


What do you think?

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