Not very long ago since the technology became the world’s biggest topic. Now it is the most tempting thing we find ourselves trapped in and it is not that easy to quit out of it.

Social media technologies have advanced over time now, users have focused on media networks as part of their daily life and part of a lifestyle.

It is good to use it as an easier way to communicating and to collect pieces of information across the country and internationally.Every single thing has effects. Social media is a distraction that departments like schools and workplaces have to deal with every single day. It is very addictive.

Telephones, computers, and laptops are the main part this media. People find it interesting to use this tools because it is easier for them for multitasking. What they don’t know is that it is hard for their brain to process many pieces of information at one. This is becoming a problem is school besides that they might help in the modern way of education.

A student does not find much time to study. Instead, they use the little time to visit sites like snapchat, facebook, twitter, Instagram, Messenger and many others to see what their friends and family have posted on there.

In schools, teachers complain that the use of these networks affects the way students perform in classes. Employees don’t use there efficient time and speed and drivers break traffic rules.

In every five seconds, an accent occurs due to text messages and phone calls. This is a prove that multitasking is not a brave way to sort things out but to bring danger to one’s life.

Everybody takes this media and technologies differently. According to David Mutabazi a College student: he says that it is necessary to have phones in school and at worker place because they are important in case of an emergency and that most of the technologies come for a good purpose.

From his point of view he said that when using social media, it becomes so additives that it takes all your time away. During that process, it can get you out of control and make you post or say something that was not supposed to be said out there.It takes you in another world to a point where it controls your emotions.

I am so grateful to have these technologies and I know that each and everyone can have a smile from this pieces of information. Ther are here and here to stay. Using them correctly increase focus on your own mind. Let us work together as one and help each other where needed not what we display outside there om social media.



What do you think?

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