Summer Gym, you may wonder what it is, it’s basically a gym class taken during the summer where you get to do fun outdoor activities like canoeing while focusing on being physically fit.  The actual gym class it is referred to as  the total fitness gym class and is offered for grades 10-12 during the summer time for a short time period of 2-3 weeks.


The total fitness gym class description talks about how students will focus on total fitness and that students will learn what it means to be physically fit.  The main focus/topics of the class are circuit training, resting and target heart rate, aerobic and anaerobic training, and fitness activities.  All of this will be done in the form of off campus activities offered for a fee.


During summer gym you do a multitude of activities and Alex Penk a student that took it during the summer of 2017 gave some insight on what you actually are doing during the class.  “You do a multitude of things in summer gym.  We spend time at aspen (a gym) doing different activities they have there like yoga, cycling classes, water aerobic things…using the treadmills and lifting weights.  We also have many other activities outside of aspen like heat yoga, we did a boxing thing sophomore year(2016),  and this last year we did a self defence class.  We went canoeing, we went to Maquoketa caves, also a crossfit class.”


Taking this gym class fulfills your required ½ credit of gym for the year and you no longer have to take a gym class during the year.  This is very helpful for students that take foreign language, band/choir or students that want to take as many classes as possible because it allows them to have an extra class slot to fit their desired classes into their schedule without having to get rid of one.  Alex went on to say,”For me personally I did summer gym so that I would have extra space for classes because I usually have a really packed schedule so it’s nice to get my gym credit out of the way in the summer so I don’t have to worry about it during the school year.


Alex talks about what was the most fun and if you should take it.  “My favorite thing we did in summer gym was probably the canoeing we do every year because it’s fun to just hang out with some friends on the river and talk and being out in the world rather than being stuck in a gym everyday.”  He comments on if you should take it,”I would definitely recommend summer gym to others because it isnt your normal gym class and will keep you interested rather than playing dodgeball or kickball every single day.  It also introduces you to new things that you might not have thought you’d enjoy.


Contact your counselor/gym teacher to learn more details about the specific dates of the gym classes and when it begins.


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